Scarf Decor Rings - Design 6

Scarf Decor Rings - Design 6

The price shown is for the Antique Gold / Bronzetone Design 6 Scarf Décor Rings and is for a MATCHING PAIR of this design.  We have found this is how they are most commonly worn, often with 2 or more pairs of different designs being worn at the same time.

These are often purchased as an accompaniment to our Scarf Pendants.  However, some customers also use them as a “toggle” for a square or thin chiffon or silk scarf.

As shown in the demonstration photos, the Décor Rings can be used in different ways. 

  • positioned immediately adjacent to the Scarf Pendant gives the effect of a statement pendant when worn in the Decorative Style.
  • Separated from the pendant with a section of scarf showing in between when the scarf is worn in either the Decorative or Practical Style.

The Décor Rings are made from acrylic so are very lightweight. 

Internal diameter measurement is 15mm which fits all the Scarves that we sell, as well as many other fashion scarves.


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