Rainbow Scarves

Rainbow Scarves

The Rainbow Scarves from our Scarf Collection are dip dyed crinkle so that the colours or shading merge softly throughout  giving colour change for the wearer without a pattern that can often clash with clothing being worn.  The addition of one of our Scarf Pendants with or without Scarf Décor Rings creates a unique ensemble for the wearer.

The Rainbow Scarves in this Group have 3 colour combinations.


Rainbow Scarves are multicolour or colour shaded scarves created by dip dye so the colouring blends throughout . 

Due to the dye process, there will be variation in colour / shading of each scarf. These scarves have always been popular as they provide colour variation without a pattern that could clash with clothing. We have also had customers buy them to make into actual rainbow clothing such as skirts.


Due to monitor colour variances, we cannot guarantee the exact colour shown


Product Guide:

Material:             Viscose/Cotton

Washable:           Yes – handwash, do not tumble dry

Size Approx:        165 cm length    45cm  width

    £5.00 Regular Price
    £2.00Sale Price

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