Plain Set - Blue Sea Flower

Plain Set - Blue Sea Flower

This assembled  Scarf & Pendant Set will comprise the following items:-

  • One Plain  Scarf in Blue Sea colour
  • One Scarf Pendant silvertone enamelled Blue Flower coordinating with  the scarf
  • 3 Pairs of Scarf Décor Rings to compliment the Scarf Pendant colouring

The Plain Scarf is lightweight and ideal for wearing with patterned clothing.    

The addition of the Scarf Pendant and Scarf Décor Rings creates a unique ensemble for the wearer and it can be worn in either the Practical or Decorative style. 

Scarf Material: Viscose/Cotton                    Washable: Yes – handwash, do not tumble dry

Size Guide:         Scarf: 100 = 150 cm length 45 – 100 cm  width  (variable)          

Scarf Pendant: 50mm x 50mm

Due to monitor colour variances, we cannot guarantee the exact colour shown

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