Rainbow Set - Blue Tear Drop

Rainbow Set - Blue Tear Drop

This pre-made Scarf & Pendant Set will comprise the following items:-

  • One 2 Colour Rainbow Scarf in Royal and Light Blue
  • One Scarf Pendant in silvertone Tear Drop style with blue accents
  • 3 Pairs of Scarf Décor Rings to compliment the Scarf Pendant colouring

The Rainbow Scarf is a dip dyed crinkle so that the colours or shading merge softly throughout  giving colour change for the wearer without a pattern that can often clash with clothing being worn.  The addition of the Scarf Pendants and Scarf Décor Rings creates a unique ensemble for the wearer and it can be worn in either the Practical (as shown) or Decorative style. 

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Scarf Material:         Viscose/Cotton       Washable:           Yes – handwash, do not tumble dry

Size Guide:            Scarf: 165 cm x 45cm                                Scarf Pendant:    60mm x 35mm

Due to monitor colour variances, we cannot guarantee the exact colour shown

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